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1.  A demand for payment under the insurance policy is called a Claim.

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2.  Laws in Georgia covering life insurance is referred to as Code. 

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3.  Assignment of part or all of the proceeds of a life insurance policy for loan collateral to settle the loan balance that may exist at the insured's death is a Contract. 

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4. Head of state insurance department is the Commissioner. 

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5. Cash Surrender Value is the agent's payment for selling insurance. 

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6. Cash Surrender Value is the agent's payment for selling insurance. 

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7. Collateral Assignment is a legal agreement between two parties for consideration. 

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8. A term policy which can be converted to a permanent type of coverage without proof of insurability is Convertible Term Insurance. 

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9. Coverage is the guarantee against specific loss named in a policy. 

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10. Insurance issued on the life of borrowers to cover payments of loans in case of death is called Credit Insurance. 

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11. Death Benefit is the policy proceeds to be paid upon the death of the insured. 

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12. Death Claim is a formal request for payment by the insurer occasioned by the death of the insured. 

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13. In industrial life insurance, a group of policy-owners from whom an agent of the company collects premiums regularly is Debit. 

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14. Term insurance whose amount of coverage starts out at the full amount, then gradually decreases until the expiration date of the policy is Decreasing Term Insurance. 

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15. Disability Income Provision, when included, provides a regular monthly income from the insurer should the insured become totally and permanently disabled. 

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16. An Accidental Death Benefit whereby the insurer pays twice the face amount of the policy if the insured is killed accidentally is Dismemberment Benefits. 

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17. Double Indemnity is benefits paid for the loss of eyesight or limbs. 

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18. Eligibility Period is that date on which the life insurance policy is said to be in force. 

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19. The time following the probationary period during which the employee is eligible to obtain non-medical coverage under the group life plan is the Effective Date. 

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20. Estate is a form attached to an insurance contract changing parts of the contract. 

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21. Endowment Policy is a permanent life policy for which premiums are paid for a limited number of years. If the insured is alive at the end of those years, he takes the face amount of the policy then or at a later date. 

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